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Cabling rack

server centric network connects all of your office PCs together. However, the shared data files are stored and accessed from a dedicated computer with networking software specifically designed to provide your users with optimized and secured data access. This server PC is not used to run user applications but rather to securely store the company's mission critical information with a higher degree of fault tolerance. Typically this server (or servers in larger installations) are located in a closet or some other safe location and contain multiple disk drives which contain a form of duplicate (mirror, raid) information on each drive thus promoting "fault tolerance" in the event of a single drive malfunctioning (crashing!). Server centric networking is recommended for offices with more than five concurrent users or whenever accessibility to the companies files at all times is critical. For more information on server centric networking.

File server enclosure

File server enclosure

Peer to Peer network is the simplest form of connecting your office PCs together to share information and resources. The network connectivity software is already included in your operating system. The only components that you need to add are a network card and a common cable connection (usually through a hub) between your PCs. Networking allows you to share information such as data files and accounting files as well as peripherals such as printers, CD-ROM's, etc. By adding third party software, you can also share a single modem on one PC for dial up connections or Internet access through one account for everyone on your network..
Peer to peer networking is recommended for offices with 5 PCs or less.

Cabling Rack

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